An unforgettable trip! the 30mps team was super profesional, the adventure was amazing, the lodges and hotels fantastic. The country is wordless. I will travel again with 30mps with no doubt. And even I never repeat country, I will definetly will come back to Namibia, soon...

Rodrigo Munoz


We have walked through the dunes of the oldest deserts on earth. Elephants, lions, giraffes, oryx and rhinos have passed next to us in their natural habitat. We have driven along the narrow strip that separates the dunes of the Namib desert and the first waves of the Atlantic ocean. It seemed that seals and whales greeted us in the eerie solitude of the Skeleton Coast. In Deadvlei we have sighed next to the dry trees that, after more than 900 years, remained standing in front of the dunes. We have enjoyed wonderful sunsets in the savannah in some of the most romantic "lodges" that Africa can offer you. We have been able to enjoy all this in Namibia, a wonderful, welcoming and traveler-friendly country, thanks to 30MPS. Your excellent organization, full of details, has made us feel very good and enjoy this wonderful trip. A unique experience that I recommend to everybody.

Miguel Pereira


Riding motorcycle in Nepal with 30mps was our No.1 trip ever for us...until we join them again to drive in NAMIBIA. All the organization was perfect, the guides alway taking care of every little detail, the country is amazing and the driving and routes outstanding! If you´ve never been to the desert and like to drive, you will not find anything similar. Also I would never thought we could see so many wild animals!!



Solo puedo agradecer a Joaquin y a todo el equipo de 30 mps , que me hayan permitido ver, vivir y rodar por parajes y pistas que durante muchos años , no fueron mas que un sueño recurrente. Un placer viajar y rodar con una organización excelente y un equipo excepcional. Nos vemos en el próximo. JAvier



I would like to thank you, Miguel, once again for a wonderfully organized trip to Tanzania. It was a pure dream to participate but also to see how everything was well and thoughtfully organized. It was very nice to hang out with you despite my existing knowledge of Spanish????????. You were incredibly charismatic and nice the whole gang and you are an incredibly good organizer who gave security and "no problems" vibes???????? Hope I get to accompany you several times on your travels. Big hug.



I live in Peru and honestly I traveled with many doubts and fears, I did not know what I was going for, but I just arrived from Nepal after a few days of this unforgettable adventure and I only think about what I could have missed, it exceeded all my expectations, the country wonderful in every way, impeccable organization. The 30mps team is really top notch. The only thing I can tell you is that I am already preparing my next adventure with them...with my eyes closed. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!



I have done the tour in Nepal with 30mps..., and the experience has been incredible. It is not the first trip I have made with them, and on this occasion they have not disappointed, good organization, concerned down to the last detail so that we would not have any problems... flights, accommodation, meals, guides, motorcycles... just enjoy the place, the landscape, the people, the motorcycles and the adventure of being in an amazing country. Thanks to the 30mps team and especially to Ramon who has been watching after us at all times. I'm already thinking what the next challenge will be...



Extraordinary adventure through the remote rocky Nepalese routes with the contrasts from south to north and the impressive experience of seeing eight thousand meters high mountains. 30MPS makes the difficult easy and being at up there makes it even more impressive. I am left with the images of the masses, the people of the mountains and the chaos of the cities, their gastronomy and the extraordinary tour mates, special mention to our guide taking care of everything from the beginning, allowing you to travel relaxed through everything can complicate such a trip/adventure. Thank you "MON" You have made me a fan and I am already thinking about the next one, surely Vietnam.



I just got back from a trip to Alaska and all in all it's been an excellent experience. I had high expectations, after the magnificent trip to Vietnam with 30mps, but even they have been exceeded. The organization has been perfect, everything in its place and without surprises, with Joaquín the tour guide aware of everything and with Pete our second guide attentive and helpful at all times, a great job. The hotels are very good, including the Maclaren River Lodge, basic but very cozy bungalows in the middle of a dreamlike landscape. Varied routes, with some relatively easy tracks, although we already know that highways in the US are boring at 65 mph, but we only had the day from Seward to Talkeetna. And above all a great atmosphere, which we have all enjoyed, I think. Now to anxiously await the next tour: UGANDA.



Magnificent trip in the middle of nature in a wonderful natural environment, unbeatable travel mates and amazing and perfect organization!!! Thank you very much everyone!!! Until the next adventure!



I was very excited for this tour and the truth is that it has been a GREAT EXPERIENCE, it is a State of the USA that you cannot miss, its landscapes, nature, rivers, animals in freedom (we saw bears, mooses and eagles) its snowed mountains, waterfalls, gastronomy (salmon, cod) and its cold beers. The motorcycles, BMW GS`s in perfect condition, I choosed the 850 GS. The roads are great, wide and in good condition. We have had a temperature with maximums of 24º and blue skies. Another curious fact is that it doesn't get dark. Our 30mps tour Leader was great, 10 over 10 points as well as to Pete (Guide in support vehicle). Can´t wait for the next tour with this people!