¿y si empezamos por uno de ellos?

Tanzania Motorcycle Tour Octuber 2022 | 10 días

THE HEART OF AFRICA. Get ready to live a real adventure riding through lost roads where 80% is offroad tracks. Where nobody rides, we do it. Feel the real deep Africa on an amazing tour.

Motorcycle tour Tanzania FEB 2023 | 10 días

Get ready to live a fascinating adventure where you will ride through lost places in an intense tour with 90% offroad and several challenges to overcome. You will sweat to reach your destination, but the reward of each day will make it worth it.

The Mustang Kindom, Nepal APRIL 2023 | 10 días

Nepal is one of the best destinations to live an authentic adventure surrounded by the most spectacular mountains in the world, on a Royal Enfield Himalayan. If you want to disconnect from stress... this is your trip!

The Last Frontier, Alaska, May 2023 | 9 días

The last frontier of America, where bears, mooses, glaciars, mountains and valleys meet, all surounded by amazing lakes and rivers. This is one of the best places in the planet to ride a motorcycle.

Riding in the Gobi, Mongolia | 9 días

High mountains, green steppes, glaciers, sand dunes and ancient villages. Mongolia and its Gobi desert are one of the most spectacular scenarios on earth to live an adventure far from the world we know.

North Mountains, Vietnam | 9 días

Ride the Northen Mountains of Vietnam on a real Vietnam War motorcycle: URAL 650. Lost roads between thousands of rice terraces and ancestral towns like the famous Sapa. A trip and culture that you can not miss. Nice hotels, food and team that will take care of you all the time!

Tuk Tuk Adventure, Sri Lanka | 10 días

Join us to discover one of the most amazing irelands in the world: 9 days in Sri Lanka, driving a TukTuk through lost roads and beautiful beaches.