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All tours & events offered in the website are organized by 30 mps Adventures SL, classified as Licensed Travel Agency in the Register of Tourism Companies and Activities in Madrid Spain, with CICMA 3825.
If you register for a dirtroads tour, you should have some experience on this surface.
It depends on the type of expedition. Sometimes we ride or drive on highways and need to get far from main cities, so it will be longer days. But we usually start in the morning around 9am and finish between 4-6 pm.
Depends on the expedition: most of our tours are 9-10 days in total, 7 days riding/driving on a row. If the trip is longer, it could be a resting day. Please check itinerary for the tour you like to join or send us an email.
All our tours are dated on what should be the best time of the year: out of the raining or cold weather season. But please take into account all our tours are based in remote areas of the planet, sometimes in high mountains ranges or deserts. So you need to be prepare.
If you are joining one of our motorcycle tours, means you have plenty of experience on riding. Always gear certificated gear: jacket, pants, boots, helmet and gloves.
In the 4x4 selfdrive tours you can come with 1-3 passengers in your own vehicule. In case of the motorcycle tours, 2-up could be fine in some of them, or some parts of the itinerary. In any case we have a support vehicule that your passenger could jump on it in case road gets tough. Just make sure you watch out tour video, or photos and realize what kind of riding you will find.
It all depends on the type of tour. The maximum of participant vehicules/motorcycles will be 14, but sometimes no more than 10-12. Also the tour always have at least to vehicules from the organization.
If you are on your own bike or car, it is your responsability to have it on optimal conditions for the trip, also have a full insurance in case of a breakdown. Of course we will try to fix or help as much as we can so you could keep on going in the tour. If the tour is on rented vehicules, we will have a mechanic at all times and spare parts. Don´t, worry, all is under control!
ABSOLUTLY. You must have a medical travel insurance for this type of trip, place and dates. You must give your Insurance number to the Tour leader so he could call in case of emergency. It is not 30mps Adventures responsability any costs due to the lack of your private insurance.
It all depends on the countries we are riding/driving and your nationality. Please check this before the tour. Ask us if you need asistance.
Full driving licences for the vehicule to drive/ride. If passport is requested, must be at least 6 months valid. VISA if needed. Travel insurance information
This depends on the tour and places to spend the night. Always will be a 2 people shared room (unless you apply for a single room), and most of the time and tours will be nice hotels, or at least the best place around if we are in a remote area. We always select the best choice, but please think that most of our tours sometimes are in high mountains, deserts of remote towns and is not easy to find a nice hotel.