High mountains, green steppes, glaciers, sand dunes and ancient villages. Mongolia and its Gobi desert are one of the most spectacular scenarios on earth to live an adventure far from the world we know.


04 - 13 AUG 2023


9 días

8 noches

80% dirtroads
Dayum 200 (local motorcycles)


When we hear the word Mongolia we think of adventure, expedition, spectacular scenery, nature ... We imagine ourselves in the Gobi desert or standing in the middle of a dusty track away from any glimpse of houses or asphalt. Only us, our motorcycle, herds of camels, horses or yaks in the distance and many miles of adventure ahead. The Gobi is not just another desert. It is THE DESERT. The image that we all have in mind of a desert is something like a block of thousands of kms of sand at 50ºC. But the Gobi is much more: high mountains, green steppes, glaciers, sand dunes and ancient villages that will make this trip an incredible experience. Come and live a unique adventure to the most spectacular country to get lost on a motorcycle while you know the fabulous history of this civilization and its great historical figure: Chinggis Khaan, one of the greatest conquerors of the earth


  • Dayum 200 motorcycle rental
  • 1 native 30mps guide
  • 1 30mps guide English/Spanish speaking
  • Suport Vehicule for luggage and passengers (if needed)
  • 2 Hotel Nights
  • 6 Ger Camp / Cabins nights
  • All breakfasts, lunchs and dinners
  • Chinggis Khan Statue, Museums and Monasteries entrances


  • Flights to/from Ulan Bataar
  • VISA fee
  • Health Travel Insurance
  • Alcoholic drinks, beers
  • Anything not specify in the INCLUDED section


  • Accomodation on Single Room/Ger/Cabin (+340€)


  • 6 months valid passport
  • Full Motorcycle Driving licence
  • VISA (if needed)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Car rental Deposit

¿Este viaje es para mí?

It is important to understand that we are in a country with little infrastructure, and we will drive through uninhabited areas with even less infrastructure. The first and last night we sleep in a nice hotel in Ulan Bator, and the other 6 nights of adventure in Ger Camps, facilities with the typical and cozy Mongolian round shops. The bathrooms are located outside the stores, in the main building. We will eat well but there will not be a wide range of menus.

We will ride usualy on fast and viable tracks, some areas are more complicated and we can find sand or even mud. Circumstances in these types of sites change from one day to the next, so we will have to adapt every day to unforeseen circumstances. But in 30mps we have everything controlled with mechanics, tools and everything you need. Take this tour as an adventure full of surprises and a team work so that we all overcome this spectacular challenge.


Arrival of the flights normally in the morning, we have breakfast and we will do some tourism visiting among others the equestrian statue of Chinggis Khan. In the afternoon we will enjoy a traditional concert and welcome dinner. Hotel ****
Let´s Go! We leave UB early in the morning to avoid traffic and get closer to the Gobi. We will eat and refuel before leaving the asphalt. First day of the route in which in just a few hours we are in the Gobi region. Ger Camp to spend the night.
Get back on your bike and ride again on fast tracks to the tarmac. After a few kms on paved road, we leave it again to head to our tonights destination, a Ger Camp in the middle of nowhere! Ger Camp for the night.
Today we will ride to Yoliin Am, a spectacular gorge located in the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park, the final part of the famous Altai Mountain Range. Tomorrow we will cross it. Day of fast tracks and spectacular landscapes. We will eat in a comfortable hotel in one of the 2 main towns that we will pass, and we will have time to take a walk through one of them. Night in Ger Camp.
We cross the spectacular Yoliin Am Gorge and its national park among rock walls, streams and stones, a very fun day to drive. We will sleep at the foot of the Khongorin Els dune cord, and if the time permits, we will ride on the dunes at sunset. Accomodation in Ger Camp.
We hit north through spectacular tracks and valleys, towards Bayanzag (the red canyon), an important archaeological site that we will try to cross with our vehicles. Then we continue our route to our destination, which is hidden among mountains, the monastery of Ongii Khiid (S.XVII) located in a spectacular enclave next to a river. We will take a walk and visit the ruins. Night in Ger Camp.
We head north by tracks, towards the 13th Century ancient capital of the Mongolian Empire. We will arrive through spectacular valleys away from the most tourist routes. We will visit a real nomadic family. Night in Ger Camp.
We will visit the monastery and museum of this ancient city, which are very worthwhile. We take our way back on our last day and we continue to enjoy little touristic and solitary routes between valleys and rivers, and perhaps a mid-day surprise, before we meet the paved main road that will take us to Ulan Baatar. Hotel ****
After a fantastic week, it is time to get back home at your scheduled flights.



You will be riding with a fantastic 30mps Team in charge of everything. One native guide to interact with local people. Manolo Plaza, famous Dakar pilot leading the group. And Miguel Checa as tour leader to make everythink work perfect.


When it comes to find the best tracks, we really take this very seriously. We prepare this tour very careful, avoiding the tourist routes and taking you to the real Mongolia through the best places in the country.


Lodging is not easy in this huge country. We always try to stay at the best places around, because we understand we like adventure but also to rest in a confortable place every night after long day driving.

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